この色とあこや真珠には重なるものがあり、その一つに私が感じるのは ’女性なるもの ’というものだ。女性は奔放で、危うく、でもその心の奥に尽きることない愛の泉を湛えている。それはいかなるものでも包み込み、新しい何かとして生み出すことができる力。
A story of Beige-Pink:
Yarn that is used for this jewelry, I received it from the lady who is living Yonaguni-island. She is weaver. The color of this yarn comes out from the banyan tree in Yonaguni. This tree is used as natural dye. Even though tree looks strong but gentle, soft color, Beige-Pink comes out from it. This is a original way in Yonaguni when we compare with other islands in Yaeyama.
Banyan tree in Yonaguni is mythical tree, it’s related to a legend woman who was living in Yonaguni. She saved Yonaguni island. She might have been a Priestess.
Between Beige-pink and acoya pearl, some senses overlap in my mind… It’s being a woman. Thought the lady is a free-spirited woman, fragile …but they have bountiful love like a fountain at the same time. Anything can be accepted by her close affectionate, then it is reborn to be precious by her power.
Yarn dye with the banyan tree … it’s like its roots, wraps freely, likely break, sensitive … but getting to become strong with hidden beauty inside … precious acoya pearl…
The lady who gave me this yarn and the other lady who created jewelry, both of them have bountiful heart and love.

Acoya pearl, silk, Natural dye by Banyan tree

Yarn by Mari Nakai
Jewelry by Atsuko Ito
Story +Photo by ChiChi