Sweet Hirado / 東西百菓之図のオランダ発表に寄せて
Lecture @ MONO JAPAN 2018

16世紀から西欧との貿易港として名を馳せ、世界からフィランドと呼ばれた平戸は、かつて約100年間、異国文化到着の最先端の地として栄え、平戸松浦家が明治まで約700年間領主を務めましたが、オランダ商館の長崎出島への移転に伴い、平戸の商館は取り壊されてしまいました。外国との貿易市場を失うというこの厳しい移り変わりの時期に、29代目松浦鎮信は文武両道の素晴らしい政治を行っただけでなく、武家茶・鎮信流を創始しました。この鎮信流の存在が、200年後に『百菓之図』を生み出し、そして今世紀、オランダのクリエーターとの協力によって、この『百菓之図』に触発された和菓子プロジェクト、Sweet Hirado / 東西百菓之図 が生まれました。


”What is the Way of Tea and the samurai style tea ceremony?”            
A presentation of Sweet Hirado & The Dutch Tea Ceremony   

Hirado already won fame in the 16th century as one of the trading ports open to the West and was known to the world as Firando. Matsura Family provided the feudal lords of Hirado for about 700 years until Meiji era. Being at the forefront of Japan’s encounter with foreign culture, Hirado flourished for about 100 years. However, when the Dutch Trading Post in Hirado was ordered to be destroyed and the new trading post was moved to Deshima in Nagasaki, the city lost the foreign trading market and had to undergo a hard transition. Despite the difficulty, Shigenobu Matsura, the 29th head of Matsura Clan who was skilled in the arts of war and peace, cleverly managed the affairs of the domain and even founded a samurai style tea ceremony group called “Chinshin Ryu”. The Chinshin Ryu tea ceremony group opened the way to the creation of a book “Hyakka no zu (Encyclopedia of 100 sweets)” 200 years later.
And now, in the 21st century, Sweet Hirado & The Dutch Tea Ceremony, a project inspired by the “Hyakka no zu”, was launched in collaboration with Dutch creators.

If Japanese tea ceremony – or “the Way of Tea” – did not exist, Japanese sweets would not exist either. Also, the original Way of Tea must have reflected the way of life of a person.
What is the relationship between samurai (warriors), Zen Buddhism and the Way of Tea?
What is the samurai style tea ceremony?
Mr. Akira Matsura, the 41st head of Matsura Clan in Hirado and the head of the Chinshin Ryu tea ceremony group, will tell us about the relationship between sweets and the Way of Tea, using stories that are passed down in the Matsura Family as reference.

Lecture @ MONO JAPAN 2018
Date & Time: Sunday 18 February, 2018  15:00 – 16:30
Location: Lloyd Zaal

松浦 章・Akira Matsura
Chairman of Matsura Historical Museum in Hirado / Head of Chinshin Ryu tea ceremony group /            The 41st head of the Matsura clan of Hirado

大地 千登勢・Chitose Ohchi
Artist / Curator / Producer of Sweet Hirado in Japan




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