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この貴重な糸、ブーの     ”苧績み、糸撚り” お教えします!


日時: 2017.8.28(月)  14:00-17:00
場所: 徳美工房 沖縄県八重山郡与那国町与那国2329

申し込み・お問い合わせ: 電話_ 長浜徳美 0980-87-2091
メール_ オオチチトセ
持ってくるもの: ペーパーナイフ、バターナイフ(歯がギザギザじゃないもの)



Take part in the yarn spinning workshop at Satomi workshop in Yonaguni.
Learn how to spin the fiber of the plant Choma, known as “Boo” to make yarn.
It is the first yarn in Japan that was made from plants and people used to believe in its power to protect them
from evil powers. Nowadays the technique of making Boo yarn is getting lost.
This workshop is being held at the day of “Tanabata” of the lunar calender (August 23).
It’s free and open to everybody. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Date:  2017.8.28 (Mon.) 14:00-17:00
Place: Satomi workshop_2329 Yonaguni, Yonagunichyo  Yaeyama, Okinaw
Contact: Tel_Satomi Nagahama +81 9080 87 20 91
mail_Chitose Ohchi
Please bring: blunt (smooth)Knife




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