For ten years now I am working as a curator of mainly art jewelry.
I prepare and arrange exhibitions, create displays and organize lectures, concerts
In recent years I more and more realized that my work as a curator has always an aspect of being an artist myself.
Through my work as a curator of exhibitions I have the opportunity to create stories of my own.
By showing beautiful art in special displays and arrangements I can create new visual images which trigger the imagination of the public. This process, which I will explain hereafter, has the nature of artistic and poetic expression.
This awareness made me decide to pursue the answer to the standing question: What is art? .
Every creation starts with imagination.
In our imagination everything is possible.
Imagination guides us where it comes to expressing thoughts, comments, love, beauty, evil and dreams.
I want my imagination to guide me to create a contemporary myth which will help us build a better, beautiful world and peace in our hearts. beautiful world and peace in our hearts.

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