Thinking through Eating 

things have always more than one aspect
but most of them are hidden
often we only see a small part of the whole image
if we can open our mind and try to discover different points of view
we can live a happier life
it can brighten our day
the unique shape of these pieces of cutlery confuses you
or maybe makes you smile
it is more than cutlery
there is a connection to your emotion
you can play with it
… but in fact it is not more than just cutlery


The muses having a chat how to creat beautiful world...

The Muses in Greek mythology, poetry and literature are the goddesses of the inspiration of
literature, science,and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related
orally for centuries in the ancient culture, which was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.
The muses, the personification of knowledge and the arts,especially literature,dance and
music, are the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (who was memory personified).
The Muses were both the embodiments and especially Art, Drama, and inspiration.

- Every creation starts with imagination.
In our imagination everything is possible.
Imagination guides us where it comes to expressing thoughts, comments, love, beauty,
evil and dreams. I want my imagination to guide me to create a contemporary myth
which will help us build a better, beautiful world and peace in our hearts.
“A myth remains a myth for as long as it is perceived as such”

Claude Levi-Strauss

The magic cutlery

My interest in making objects that communicate with an audience encourage me
to challenge the conventional use of jewellery and corpus-works.
Using the idea of daily based objects such as the cup, spoon or book in unique ways,
I offer a trigger to the viewer to see them from a different perspective.
I invite the audience to experience my work by touching them and being intimate with them.

Maki Okamoto

Four Muses were invited for the ceremony, where a traditional Swedish Princes
cake was served with the magic cutlery.
We could see the ceremonial feel filling up the space, as every Muse dressed up
for this special occasion.

It was also a rare opportunity to merge Japanese tradition with that of Sweden conceptually.

The magic cutlery, the work of Maki Okamoto, Sweden-based artist, provided us with an eye-opening experience of “eating” through which we came to discover and re-think about our seemingly-ordinary everyday world.

if we can open our mind and try to discover different points of view
we can live a happier life, it can brighten our day