Before opening reception,  CEO Mr. Kainuma and Mr. Roels were taking a look round an Exhibition.
Opening adress


Opening talk
‘acoya’ by Chitose Ohchi
‘A Journey Through the Memories of Pearls by Chikako Watanabe

Mr. Roels and CEO Mr. Kainuma were very interested in Chikako’s works.

Chikako Watanabe x acoya


Art Jewelry + acoya



_D820764Sweets for Pearl by Hana no Ki
Mr. Matsuda, Pearl farmer. He gave us pearls for acoya project. He is only the person who continue pearl farm at the east side of Sonogi part. He knows everything about acoya pearl.


photo by Junya Igarashi  ( great thanks!)

The opening reception for acoya with lights by SALIOT

Thank you sooooooo much for coming our opening party.  It was lovely night, I really happy Mr. Mastuda could join it and talked with lots of people. I hope people would have curiosity to get knowing more about environment that we are living. acoya lights with SALIOT has just started, more events are going to be held in this weekend.

acoya with Lights by SALIOT


2018 年、あこや真珠の新しい物語、世界へ。

日本のあこや真珠は 1900年の歴史があり太古の昔から人の心と深く繋がり、美しい神秘の存在であった。真珠という存在、つまり“命を落とし、その美を生む” … これはダイヤモンドや鉱物が永遠不動の、ある意味西洋的な美を象徴している存在に対し、真珠は真反対の儚い、しかし悠久に流れ続いていく生命の美である。“生命の流れのようなものの永劫、悠久に流れる生命の持続”  これは私たちが根元にもつ美意識であり、ACOYA PEARLの存在そのものである。この命は、海の中で偶然に生まれ、そして消えて行く美しい破片でもある。優れたクリエーターとともに アート、デザインの力で様々な分野へユニークなアプローチを行い、忘れ去られた真珠の秘めた物語とともに真珠の新たな価値、第二のマーケットを作りあげる。同時に海と森、自然との関係性を問い、琴の海と表現された長崎、大村湾、周辺の海の美しさを復活させる。自然環境を守り、自然、人、経済の美しい循環を目指す。’acoya’ …  自然+歴史・伝統+文化+経済が美しく循環する 100 年先の真珠を考える。



In 2018, new tales of Acoya Pearls will be presented to the world

With a history of 1900 years, the beautiful and mysterious Acoya Pearls of Japan have had deep connections with people’shearts since time immemorial. Pearls are “beauty born from the sacrifice of life”… As such, they represent somethingfundamentally different from the Western sense of eternal beauty as symbolized by unchanging diamonds and gems.Their beauty is that of fleeting yet perpetually flowing life. “The embodiment of eternally and perpetually flowing life forces,like the flow of itself.” This is the foundation of our philosophy of beauty, and the essence of Acoya Pearls. This life is born spontaneously from the sea. It is a beautiful fragment, ever on the verge of disappearing. Collaborating with the best creative talents, ‘Acoya’ project pursues unique approaches in various fields with art and designto draw out the secret stories buried inside these forgotten treasures, thereby creating new sources of value and new markets for them. At the same time, these creations also explore relationships between the sea, the forest, and nature, thereby seeking to revive the beatify of the waters in and around Nagasaki’s Ōmura Bay, which is also known as the “Koto Sea,” after the traditional Japanese stringed instrument. They aspire to the protection of the natural environment, and a symbiosis between nature, humans, and the economy.

“Acoya”… committed to pearls based on a philosophy of symbiosis between nature + history/tradition + culture + theeconomy, now and 100 years into the future.


A pearl, it loses its life to give birth to beauty