“イマジンネイチャー” ローズマライン・パーランツ
対談: 黒川雅之 x ローズマライン・パーランツ

日時:4月25日(火)19:00-21:00 (開場:18:30)
会場:K&K B2 港区西麻布3-13-15
主催:C& [ Chi and ],K&K

Invitation to ‘Imagine Nature’ Artist Talk by Dutch artist Roosmarijn Pallandt
& Dialogue with Masayuki Kurokawa
Date and time: Tuseday, April 25th,19:00-21:00 (doors open 18:30)
Venue:B2, K 3-13-15, Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo Japan


オランダ出身のアーティスト、ローズマラインが取り組み続けているプロジェクト“イマジンネイチャー”。 2015年から沖縄の八重山の自然と織物に注目し、リサーチを続けてきました。これらは今年2月にオランダにて写真と織物の作品としてオランダ銀行で発表され、4月には京都で行われる*KYOTO GRAPHIE関連の展覧会で発表されます。
昨年は “Sweet Hirado” http://www.candheart.com/content003-sh.html というプロジェクトにて、平戸のお殿様が200年前に編纂した100個の和菓子図鑑からインスパイアを受け、 現代の和菓子を新しい解釈でデザインしました。これら二つの彼女の仕事には、”Nature”が一貫して存在します。このNature(自然)というコンセプトは西洋と東洋では捉え方が違うと認識していましたが、ローズと仕事をしている中で、その考えも少しずつ変化していきました。私の美意識を考える時大きな存在である“自然”を本質的に彼女がどのように捉えられているのかについては直接語ってもらう機会を作りたいと願っていました。

またこの度、私のボスである建築家の黒川雅之氏も”野生の衝動“という本を最近出版し、ロゴスを超えた東アジアの美意識を語っています。そこで、対照的なお二人の対談、及び彼女のプレセンテーションを企画しました。 80歳と30代という世代の違い、熟練と若さ、ヨーロッパとアジアという文化の違い。また建築家という思想を手で触れることのできる形にしていく仕事、ローズの”写真“という手で触れることの出来ない思想の形・・・これらの対比がきっとこの混沌とした世界に様々なものを超えた”新しい混沌“を見出すのではないかと考えます。何より”美女と野獣“の対談でもあります(笑)。
ワインと“Sweet Hirado”のお菓子もご用意しています、是非、お越しください。

“Imagine Nature” is an ongoing project of Dutch artist Roosmarijn Pallandt. From 2015 onwards, her continuous research has brought her to the Yaeyama Islands where she has been focusing on nature and textiles. In February her work was presented in the Netherlands in the form of photography and textiles at a special exhibition at the Dutch Bank. In April her work will be presented in Kyoto at an exhibition as part of *Kyoto Graphie. (*add more information below this sentence )
I, Chitose Ohchi, have been working with her for the past three years.
Last year Roos designed sweets based on a new interpretation of Japanese traditional sweets; a project inspired by an encyclopedia of 100 sweets that was composed by the lord of Hirado nearly 200 years ago.
This is called ” Sweet Hirado” http://www.candheart.com/content003-sh.html
In both of these two projects nature played an important role. My understanding was that the concept of nature in the West was different than that in the East. However, working with Roos my views have started to change. Nature takes a crucial role for me when thinking about what beauty means.
Therefore, I wanted to create an opportunity to talk directly with Roos about what her views are on the essence of nature.
In addition, the architect Mr. Masayuki Kurokawa, who is my boss, has recently published a book titled “Wild Instincts” in which he talks about East-Asian aesthetics that transcends logic reasoning.
I felt compelled to not only organize a presentation by Roos about her work, but also an open talk between these two artists, who both have such contrasting backgrounds. They come from different generations with an age difference of almost 50 years; experience versus youth, as well as differences in background between European and Asian cultures. The architect who translates his vision into something tangible versus the artist Roos with her intangible photographic imagery…
A dialogue based on these contrasts can reveal a new transcending kind of disorder amidst the disorderly world that we live in. But more than anything, it will be a dialogue between the beauty and the beast!
Afterwards wine and sweets from the “Sweet Hirado” project will be served. We hope to see you there.


Artist Roosmarijn Pallandt sees her work as an exercise in moving through and relating to geographical and social realities not her own. She explores modes of adaptation in other people’s native lands and tradition, in order to find the experimental space in which she can embark on fruitful collaborations in imagining new contexts for our natural surroundings.

日時: 4月25日(火)19:00 – 21:00 (開場 18:30)
会場: K, 港区西麻布3-13-15 B2
主催: C& [Chi and]
*お申し込み: 4月21日(金)までに c@candheart.com までお申し込み下さい。
*お問い合わせ: C&: オオチ チトセ c@candheart.com

*Invitation to Artist Talk by Roosmarijn Pallandt and Dialogue with Masayuki Kurokawa
Date and Time: Tuseday, April 25th,19:00-21:00 (doors open 18:30)
Venue: K&K, B2 3-13-15 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
Organized by C&

Please send an email with its subject line as “imagine Nature” at c@candheart.com including your name. Deadline for application is April 21th (Fri)
C&: Chitose Ohchi  c@candheart.com


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KG+2017 KYOTOGRAPHIE サテライトイベント
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KG+ 2017 アソシエイテッド・プログラム


***4月22日オープニングレクチャーby ローズマライン・パラント



The Terminal KYOTO
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会期2017422 519 9:00-18:00
閉場日 なし
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***Opening lecture Roosmarijn Pallandt  22th April

Shitsurai takes place in a machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouse), a dwelling place as well as a space in which the Japanese spirit and philosophical ideals come to life. There, merged together, are essences of culture of different times and origins. Photographs and craftworks are arranged in a way that resonates with the entire space, creating mutual ideas and becoming one with the viewer.

VENUE:The Terminal KYOTO
424, Iwatoyama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
OPEN:2017/04/22 ー 05/19 9:00-18:00
Open Everyday
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