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オランダのプライベートミュージアムNo Heroにて開催される Woman of Japan にて ‘acoya’ より一部作品が展示されます。     https://museumnohero.nl/tentoonstellingen/women-of-japan.html

自然が神様であり祈ることなどの役割が女性であった頃、真珠は”しらたま”と呼ばれ身につけられていました。このような背景から、”真珠の記憶- 浮かび上がる古代の日本女性像”というテキストを展覧会のために書いています。忘れられた物語、是非、お時間ある方は読んでみてください。

真珠の記憶 _浮かび上がる古代の日本女性像 / Memories of Pearls_ Recalling the ancient story of Japanese women


An excerpt of ‘acoya’ is going to be shown as part of the ‘Woman of Japan’ exhibition at the No Hero museum in the Netherlands.
Akoya pearl is deeply connected to the heart of the Japanese people. Shrines made of Akoya shells dating back to the Jomon Period (4000-2500 BCE) tell us about the spirituality of our ancestors and their sense for beauty in life. The Akoya pearls used in the ‘acoya’ project are made in Nagasaki. Nagasaki is the first place in Japan where Akoya shells were found in the Jomon period. …Once upon a time, Akoya shells were carried by the Black Current and came to Kyushu in the south part of Japan. So Akoya shells were found in there….
In the Jomon Period, where Nature was seen as Gods, women in Japan had been taking the role to pray to them, wearing Akoya Pearls called “Shiratama”.
According to these backgrounds, for this exhibition, I wrote an essay with the title “Memories of Pearls – Recalling the ancient story of Japanese women”.It’s a forgotten story in the modern age.I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you!

真珠の記憶 _浮かび上がる古代の日本女性像 / Memories of Pearls_ Recalling the ancient story of Japanese women




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