The hill, it’s a place where the woman called “San ai -Isoba”  was living at that time. She is a legend of Yonaguni island. When she was a top person in its island in the 16century , Yonaguni was very peaceful and prosperous. Nowadays, this place is covered with full of green grass, everything is hidden below them. Just only butterfly is floating with a song of insects. ….When I was in Yonaguni, I visited this hill by walking everyday.

“San ai” means Banyan tree in Yonaguni dialect. “San ai- Isoba” means Isoba  who is living near the Banyan trees”. Bayan tree is a holy tree ( god tree)  in Yonaguni and Yaeyama. It’s a very powerful tree, they can crash the house. There are lots of myth about it, people said that a fairy is living on this tree, then the tree can walk because their roots become so long. Bayan tree looks so powerful, the color can be born from it. Even though it looks strong, but the color of light pink comes out from it.

This land was a sea in millennia ago, then it rised from a sea. This place was once flourishing in the era of San ai Isoba. She put on a Kimono that was made from Choma plants. its color is light pink, it called “Asady” in Yonaguni dialect. I can imagine she prayed the peace for this world with wearing the color of pink, Asady

… The butterfly is dancing as if they invite me to somewhere , then my consciousness goes to a faraway place.

About Yonaguni: 与那国について